Aptril 2009:
Site launched!

Robroyston Wallace Monument: Gallery 2007

Monument 2007

Cala Homes West customer reception and car parking signage

Looking onto the new Cala Homes Wallacefield development
(Robroyston Wallace Monument visible on left)

Surrounding wall has been demolished and rebuilt and flanking tree cut down

Memorial stone placed by The Society of William Wallace

Stone placed on monument???

Cala Homes Wallacefield development show homes under construction

Graffiti on trees

Considerable damage has been done to concrete paving surrounding monument

Replacement wall damaged and unstable

Damage (and repair) to surrounding metal fence

Cala show homes in background; new stone wall in foreground

The peak of the Celtic Cross

Road signs still ignore existence of Robroyston Wallace Monument

Wallace Primary School built to accommodate children of nearby demolished schools