Aptril 2009:
Site launched!

Robroyston Wallace Monument: Gallery 2008

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Monument 2008

Construction materials discarded and evidence of poor quality workmanship

View north from new path - middle-right of photo shows damaged walls opposite

Grass is not maintained - at least it hides the discarded rubbish!

Cala show homes visible on right - unsecured bollards at front

Signs for Cala, Stewart Milne and Dickie

More Stewart Milne signs on land opposite the monument to the north-west

Saltire left to mark the 703rd anniversary of Wallace's capture

More discarded building materials and weeds everywhere on 'non-Cala' land

View east towards more Cala houses... and more weeds!

Comparison of Cala ground maintenance (right) and 'non-Cala' (left)

More weeds and plenty of graffiti - and still no mention of the monument on sign!

Monument at dusk...

...and a bit earlier!

The weeds are gone but now there is a dangerous untreated path of ice!

The layby built as part of the original developer agreement with Glasgow City Council